Get a user access token

Client provides authorization token obtained from /api/v3/oauth2/authorize to this endpoint and receives an access token. Access token can then be used to query API endpoints. ### Request Access Token After user approves your access to the given scope form the https:/ endpoint, you'll receive an authorization code to request an access token. This time make a POST request to /api/v1/oauth/access_token with parameters including: grant_type Can be authorization_code or refresh_token since we are getting the access_token for the first time we don't have a refresh_token so this must be authorization_code. code Authorization code you received with the previous request. redirect_uri Your application's redirect url. ### Refreshing Access Token Access tokens expire at some point, to continue using our api you need to refresh them with refresh_token you received along with the access_token. To do this make a POST request to /api/v1/oauth/access_token with correct parameters, which are: grant_type This time grant type must be refresh_token since we have it. clientId Your application's client id. client_secret Your application's client secret. refresh_token The refresh token you received with the access_token. Every request you make to this endpoint will give you a new refresh token and make the old one expired. So you can keep getting new access tokens with new refresh tokens. ### Using Access Token Currently we support 2 ways for this, you can't use both at the same time. Adding access token to the request header as Authorization: Bearer {access_token} * Adding to the url as a query parameter ?access_token={access_token} You can read more about OAuth2 from here

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